English Like A Native Podcast

Your English Five a Day #22.1

April 01, 2024 Season 1 Episode 221
English Like A Native Podcast
Your English Five a Day #22.1
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Show Notes

E222: πŸŽ™οΈ Welcome to The English Like a Native Podcast with me, your host, Anna! Get ready to enhance your vocabulary as we dive deep into Week 22, Day 1 of Your English Five a Day. In this series, we'll explore five essential pieces each weekday, from Monday to Friday.

🌷 Today's topic is allergies, and first up on the list, we explore the noun "discomfort". Next, we delve into the adjective "allergic" and the noun "intolerance". We then move on to "anaphylaxis" and finally, we explore the idiom "nip something in the bud".

πŸ’‰ Join us for a quick pronunciation drill and a quiz to reinforce your learning. Then, immerse yourself in a story about Adrian, who grapples with severe allergies and the importance of being prepared.


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