English Like A Native Podcast

Your English Five a Day #20.5

March 22, 2024 Season 1 Episode 212
English Like A Native Podcast
Your English Five a Day #20.5
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Show Notes

E212: πŸŽ™οΈ Welcome to The English Like a Native Podcast with me, your host, Anna! Get ready for Week 20, Day 5 of Your English Five a Day, where we boost your vocabulary with five new words every weekday.

🌟 First up is the adjective "timid", followed by the noun "mime." Think Charlie Chaplin! Then, we explore the adverb "scarcely" and the adverb "enduring", often used when talking about relationships or friendships. Finally, for the last item on the list, we dive into the noun "flip side".

🎭 Stay tuned as I quiz your memory and then weave these words into a captivating story about a mesmerising street performer, showcasing the power of stillness and surprise.


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