English Like A Native Podcast

Your English Five a Day #20.2

March 19, 2024 Season 1 Episode 209
English Like A Native Podcast
Your English Five a Day #20.2
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Show Notes

E209: πŸŽ™οΈ Welcome to The English Like a Native Podcast with me, your host, Anna. Get ready for Week 20, Day 2 of Your English Five a Day, where we dive deep into five pieces to enhance your active vocabulary, Monday through Friday.

🌟 Today we dive head-first into the world of negotiations. First up, we explore the adjective "tedious". Next, we tackle the verb "renegotiate", followed by the noun "alertness", a state which is certainly key for negotiations. Our idiom of the day is "split hairs", and finishing off today's five, we explore the adjective "conceited".

❎ Join us as we recap and practice pronunciation, recalling the meanings of each word. In this episode's narrative, we embark on a journey through a tedious negotiation, where alertness and persistence are paramount in dealing with a conceited counterpart. It's a battle of wills, but with determination and sharp negotiation skills, victory is within reach.


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